No 1 About Project

The New Marketing Institute (NMI) is an interactive mobile gaming experience for marketing professionals to learn about Digital Marketing using resources from the NMI curriculum.

The objective of the app is to increase brand awareness targeting existing and prospective NMI clients, enhance their digital marketing skills through various games related to the NMI training curriculum and facilitate continued learning outside of the classroom.

No 2 The Process

My role as a product designer:

Leading team collaborations and discussions to develop unique gaming concepts, create user journeys and develop wireframes. Based on the mock-ups, I was responsible for designing the user interface for the functioning mobile application using Adobe Photoshop and showcasing the finished product on the Marvel app. I created all digital assets including banner ads and marketing materials such as brochures to be handed out for external use and one-page inserts to be placed in course workbooks for internal use. Additionally, I designed collaterals including coasters to represent the iPhone app icon for distribution at company events and assets to promote the launch of mobile game.

No 3 Roles

  • iOS Mobile Design
  • Wireframe
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Marketing
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design

No 4 Website

No 5 More Projects