No 1 About Project

Comet Ice Cream is a consumer produced icecream and packaging concept for icecream afficionados.

The objective of the project is to completely overhaul and give the former website a face-lift with a new and fresh redesign.



No 2 The Process

My role as a front-end designer:

Creating lo-fidelity wireframes, branding concept, style guides, and new layout. The themes that inspired the design were fun and whimsical like the product packaging. The code was built on the React framework and Node.js.

No 3 Roles

  • Wireframe
  • Branding
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Web Design

No 4 Testimony

“It's very common for websites to become a little too crowded and try to do things which distract from the product. With Comet & Day One Fitness, the sites made were set to focus on the product and serve as tools to turn a click into a sale.”

— Charles Peralo, Founder & CEO

No 6 More Projects